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The Advantages Of Emergency Lights

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The Advantages Of Emergency Lights

A general term for a luminaire used for emergency lighting. The fire emergency lighting system mainly includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicators. It is set to guide the evacuation of trapped people or launch fire fighting and rescue operations after the power supply of normal lighting is cut off in case of fire. But in the daily inspection found that the unit in the fire emergency lamps selection, installation and use of the process there are many problems. Therefore, reasonable selection of power supply control mode and wiring mode of emergency lighting system and good daily maintenance will directly affect the role of fire emergency lighting system.

The main function of fire emergency lights is to provide lighting for the fire scene in case of power failure. When there is a fire, the power supply system at the scene of the fire will be cut off. At this time, the scene of the fire may be dark, and the fire scene staff cannot find the exit quickly, which will lead to the threat to life safety. The fire emergency lights are equipped with their own spare batteries. When the power is cut off, the fire emergency lights will automatically switch to the standby battery state and continue to provide lighting. Each emergency light needs to be kept lit for 1.5 hours after power is cut, according to the national Fire design code.

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