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Emergency Lights Associated With Firefighters

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Emergency Lights Associated With Firefighters

Fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system is a kind of auxiliary safety evacuation of the building fire control system, by the fire emergency lighting, fire emergency lamps and lanterns and a relevant device, its main function is in emergencies such as fire, for safe evacuation and fire fighting and rescue action to provide the necessary illumination condition and the correct evacuation instructions.According to the power voltage grade, fire emergency lamps can be classified into Type A and Type B.

2.0.3 Type A fire emergency lamps

Fire emergency lamps with rated working voltage of main power supply and battery power supply not greater than DC36V.

In the standard [3.2 lamps], there are altogether 9 provisions for the selection of lamps. What we introduce today is the content of article 3.2.1, paragraph 4. Let's take a look at --

Specification text:

The voltage class and power supply mode of lamps set up at or below 8 m from the ground shall comply with the following requirements:

1) Type A lamps should be selected;

2) The sign lights set on the ground should choose a-type lamps with centralized power supply;

3) In residential buildings without fire control room, evacuation walkways, stairwells and other places can be equipped with b-type power lamps.

Interpretation of normative provisions:

2.5m or less from the ground is the height range that human body may directly contact under normal circumstances. In case of fire, the water extinguishing media generated by the automatic sprinkler system, hydrant system and other water extinguishing systems can easily lead to the conductive phenomenon of the outer shell of lamps.

In order to avoid electric shock accidents caused by people touching the lamp housing during evacuation, it is required that the lamps set within the range of this height adopt type A lamps with safe voltage class;

Set up the lamps and lanterns of local surface protective structure is damaged due to improper installation or maintenance, on the ground because of the pipeline PaoMaoDiLou created, health, clean water, it's easy to erosion of lamps and lanterns of storage battery is installed inside, thus releasing combustible gas builds up inside the cavity of lamps and lanterns, gathered in the body cavity of lamps and lanterns of combustible gas causes explosion accident when reaches a certain concentration, as a result, the ground set of lamps and lanterns is not own the power type lamps and lanterns should be adopted;

In the process of the fire fighting and rescue, fire fighting and rescue personnel generally use fire hydrant fire, as a result of the fire with water medium has a certain electrical conductivity, so it will be through the fire hydrant and water form a conductive path, in order to avoid electric shock accidents occurred in the process of fire fighting and rescue, considering the existing system product factors such as technology and engineering application,

Lamps that are required to be set up within the height range of 2.5m to 8m from the ground shall also adopt Type A lamps with safe voltage class;

With own power type lamps and lanterns of the centralized control system, in the event of a fire, need to cut off the main power supply of the power supply type lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is transferred to bring their own battery power supply, take the working voltage of battery and lamps and lanterns are lower than DC36V, belong to the category of safe voltage, won't produce shock hazard to human body, therefore, not set fire control room of the residential building evacuation passages, stairwells etc can choose their own power B type lamps and lanterns.

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