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The Story Of Emergency Light

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The Story Of Emergency Light

Rain, rain, rain ... In early July, northern Jiangxi seemed to be shrouded in a water curtain, and continuous precipitation quickly formed the most serious flood in Jiangxi Province in recent years in less than a week. On July 11, Jiangxi Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters raised the flood control emergency response level to Grade I; The water level of Raohe Poyang Station reached a record 22.65 meters, breaking through the historical extreme value of 22.61 meters in 1998. Facing the severe flood control situation, the dam has become the last "chain" to resist the flood. On the dykes along the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake area, the power supply staff set up temporary power supply and power supply lines at key positions, and installed emergency lamps and lanterns to fully guarantee flood control work such as levee patrol and emergency rescue. A dike burst occurred in Wengui Road, Poyang The lighting of plugging operation site is in place quickly Looking at the heavy trucks full of earth and stone roaring past the dyke, Xu Xing decided to check the temporary lighting facilities at the site of breach sealing again. "It's going to be dark soon. We need to make sure that there is enough oil in the generator, and ensure that the lamp rack is in a reasonable position, which can provide effective lighting for the whole construction area ..."  As the sky gradually darkened and the roads were narrow and muddy, vehicles entering and leaving the site lined up on the embankment.From 1700 hours, Hu Jun made more than 40 calls in a row, and finally at 20: 30, the first batch of emergency supplies-three temporary lighting fixtures for 2 kW diesel generators. "But these can only meet the lighting needs of some key areas." Hu Jun said that due to the limited width of the levee, heavy trucks can easily meet the opposite vehicles when they return after unloading stones, and the minimum distance between vehicles is only four or five fists. "Therefore, it is equally important to set up temporary lighting facilities around the levee around the blocking operation platform." Two hours later, a 63 kW emergency generator car, 20 100 W emergency lights and a temporary lighting fixture for a 3 kW diesel generator were in place at the same time. After "ammunition" was sufficient, Xu Xing and Hu Jun led four colleagues to set up a 200-meter temporary lighting line along the levee and install emergency lights. "When the scene is brighter, the efficiency of sealing the breach will be higher." Hu Jun said that in order to ensure the lighting of the scene was foolproof, he stayed on the levee for one night that day. When he left the dyke by truck transporting stones early in the morning, the truck driver told him that he had pulled stones four times a night. After the scene was lighted, everyone's transportation efficiency and unloading speed were obviously improved.

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