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The Role Of Emergency Lights In 911 Situations

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The Role Of Emergency Lights In 911 Situations

Fire emergency lighting is one of the most common fire products, modern buildings generally need to install fire emergency lighting, and business places must be installed with fire emergency lighting. So why install fire emergency lights? What does a fire emergency light do? Let me introduce it to you.

The main function of fire emergency lights is to provide lighting for the fire scene in case of power failure. When there is a fire, the power supply system at the scene of the fire will be cut off. At this time, the scene of the fire may be dark, and the fire scene staff cannot find the exit quickly, which will lead to the threat to life safety. The fire emergency lights are equipped with their own spare batteries. When the power is cut off, the fire emergency lights will automatically switch to the standby battery state and continue to provide lighting. Each emergency light needs to be kept lit for 1.5 hours after power is cut, according to the national Fire design code.

The explosion-proof lamp should be checked from the nameplate and the product manual before installation: explosion-proof type, category, grade and group; The protection grade of the shell; Installation method and fastener requirements for installation, etc. The installation of explosion-proof lamps should ensure that the fastening bolts should not be arbitrarily replaced, spring washer should be complete. Dustproof, waterproof sealing ring should be placed as is when installing. At the cable inlet, the cable and seal gasket should be closely matched, the cable section should be round, and there should be no concave and convex defects on the sheath surface. The excess inlet shall be sealed according to the explosion-proof type, and the compression nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet. Explosion-proof lamps often see ip65, IP55 and so on.

Fire emergency lights and fire emergency lights have the following differences: 1. Different application fields. Fire emergency lights are suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places to be used for emergency lighting in case of power failure. Fire emergency lights are suitable for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, entertainment places and other lighting. 2. Different raw materials. Fire emergency lamp is made of industrial plastic and high brightness bulb, the color is mainly white, there are two arrows on the surface, the material is not aging, heat dissipation fast, impact resistance and other characteristics. Fire emergency lighting adopts high quality aluminum, metal spray, ultra-thin design, novel and beautiful appearance. 3. Different installation methods. Fire emergency lights have wall - mounted, portable, hanging installation; The wall of fire emergency floodlight has wall hanging type and hanging type installation. 1, the role of fire emergency lights: emergency lighting for the general term of lamps. The fire emergency lighting system mainly includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicators. It is set to guide the evacuation of trapped people or launch fire fighting and rescue operations after the power supply of normal lighting is cut off in case of fire. But in the daily inspection found that the unit in the fire emergency lamps selection, installation and use of the process there are many problems. Therefore, reasonable selection of power supply control mode and wiring mode of emergency lighting system and good daily maintenance will directly affect the role of fire emergency lighting system. 2, the advantages of fire emergency lights: reliable work, high stability, long life and other advantages, suitable for factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings and other high-rise buildings, public in case of power failure for emergency lighting, the use of metal lamp holder or flame retardant plastic lamp holder, with wall-mounted, portable, hanging installation. Emergency response time is greater than 90 minutes.

What are the specifications for fire emergency lighting: 1. When emergency lighting is used as a part of normal lighting and at the same time, there should be a separate control switch, and the control switch panel should be different from the general lighting switch panel or choose the type with indicator light. 2. If emergency lighting is not used as part of normal lighting and is not used at the same time, the power supply for emergency lighting should be put in automatically when the power is cut off for some reason. 3. The illumination value of evacuation lighting of evacuation passageway shall be no less than 0.5Lx, and the civil air defense project shall be LX. 4. The illumination value of safety lighting in the workplace should not be less than 5% of the illumination value of general lighting in the workplace. Unless otherwise specified, the illumination value of the standby lighting shall not be less than 10% of the illumination value of the general lighting of the site. 6. The illumination of the fire control room, fire water pump room, smoke control and exhaust machine room, power distribution room, self-provided generator room, telephone main machine room and other rooms that still need to work in case of fire shall be guaranteed. Exit sign lights shall be installed at safety exits and evacuation exits in public places.

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